‘I have to shrink my bʋm in pics because women get jealous and insult me’

A woman confessed she shrinks the size of her bʋm in pictures because ‘jealous’ women insult her peachy b00ty. Influencer Juju Ferrari, 35, admitted she reduces the cʋrves of her body in some photos she posts on her Instagram profile. She said she does it at times when she wants the post to attract less hate. Juju posted a ʙικιɴι snap last month, and she was accused of decreasing the size of her bʋm.

She said: “Now I reduce it in Photoshop. I do it because of hater attacks, mainly those of women.” When Juju posted the picture it attracted around 1,150 comments – and got people talking about her body image. Some people supported the model, but others think she “exaggerated” the abuse she gets online. One person said: “You’re amazing, don’t care what people say.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Are you Photoshopping your ass? She’s smaller.” The influencer said she gets thousands of insults on her profile every day from women who don’t like her body. She added: “It’s hard to please other women, unfortunately, female sorority is selective”. Despite all the controversy, Juju recently admitted she spent more than BRL 50,000, which equates to around £7,900, on implants to boost the size of her bʋtt.

Even though she splashed a lot of cash on accentuating her b00ty, the procedure went wrong. The influencer had to resort to getting support wires to keep her buttocks lifted. Speaking about the ordeal, Juju added: “I regret it, I have to live with the consequences of my choices.” Back last year she opened up about how the procedure went wrong and admitted there was a time when she didn’t like how her butt looked.

At the time, she said: “I had a butt procedure three years ago. I filled in three times. “The first [time] was in São Paulo. He [the doctor] didn’t tell me exactly what the material was, but I assume it was industrial silicone.

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