Katy Perry wept bitterly in American Idol, said- ‘G*n culture has ruined our country’

Katy Perry: The pain of America’s growing gun culture is also reflected on the American Idol stage. Popular singer Katy Perry said: “Our country has ruined us”. There was an emotional atmosphere on the American Idol stage as a student tied the knot with his song during an audition on Sunday. The student expressed his pain at being fired in the US. Show judge and famed pop diva Katy Perry slammed the rising number of mass shootings in the US, saying “our country has ruined us”.

During the audition, Santa Fe frontman Trey Lewis mentioned the school shooting in Texas, USA. Lewis said, “In May 2018, a shooter came into my school. I was in Art Room 1 and he was shooting for Art Room 2 before going to Art Room 1. I lost a lot of friends in this shooting, eight Students were killed, two teachers were killed. It was very negative,” Lewis said emotionally.

Pop singer Katy Perry was also emotional as she recalled the harrowing event in the US. With tears in Katy’s eyes, she said: “I think you’re reminding people that we should change now. Because you know I’m scared too.” Katy Perry then condemned the mass shootings and gun violence in America.

Let us tell you, student singer Luis was the last one to audition. He shared his inspiration for starring on American Idol. When judge Luke Bryan asked the 21-year-old mattress salesman why he wanted to be on the show, he replied: “It’s where his favorite musician built, and he wants to be in Santa Maria, Texas.” Fei shines.”



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