Lamar Odom’s Trans Girlfriend Daniiellè Alexis Reacts To Backlash From Fans: I Have A Right To Be Here

Lamar Odom has gone through a lot, but fans haven’t been dealing with him for too long because of recent statements that have made him take himself back off the market. This was posted online by Daniiellè Alexis, a model and L’GBTQIA+ social media activist from Australia. But, in anticipation of some negative feedback, the trans influencer planned to elicit the courageous words of other trans trailblazers to express her own thoughts.


On August 7th, Daniiellè Alexis revealed a photo of herself and Odom, who were contentedly seated next to each other. One of the extremely pretty people I’ve encountered, she captioned the photo. Responses on the post appeared to be excellent, numerous glad to see Odom smiling and with a good lady later years of worse connection and to’xic breakups. “You people are fantastic together!” told one fan. “This seem like he’s having it!” told a fan. “Lamar is looking so fantastic healthy and glad,”marked other fan. At the time of numerous speculated that their duo were in relationship, the pictures did not have to much more than besties goal or perhaps their no to far having work together.

Alexis have showed other picture yesterday that cleared stuffs a bit more understandable for fans. While a clip, a picture can seem her and Lamar cuddled intimately to each other, at the time in the another picture, she is seem to blow him a kiss during he is looking into the camera.

“It’s always blessings from us lamar told to hi this morning to fans .” Lamar is not tag her in the post and this time, Alexis restricted her comments and despite took to her story to let any bad people familiar that she is unfazed.

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