Models go on t0pless bike ride around Amsterdam for ‘free the nīpplɛs’ protest

Two models have been seen going on a t0pless bike ride around Amsterdam in support of the ‘free the nīpplɛs’ movement. OnlyFans stars Cris Galêra and Flávia Oliver went on a topless tour of the city’s canals to raise awareness for the campaign. The campaign, which was created back in 2012, highlights the general convention of allowing men to appear t0pless in public while considering it ₷ɛxual or indecent for women to do the same.

It claims that this difference is an ‘unjust treatment of women’ and argues that it should be legally and culturally acceptable for women to bare their nīpplɛs in public. The two ladies were both seen dressed in colorful crop tops and matching miniskirts as they first got on the bikes. However, they quickly pulled up their tops to show off their chests while riding around the city.

Both models teamed their flesh-flashing display with a glam makeup and blowdried locks. As well as this latest stunt, Cris has also hit headlines in the past for claiming that she’s “too h0t to date”. The stunner, who has posed for Playboy says she often finds it really hard to get a date as men are so “intimated” by her beauty. She said she even started wearing glasses so that men felt more comfortable around her.

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