Romario’s daughter joins OnlyFans and promises content that is different to the norm

The daughter of Brazil’s World Cup icon Romario has joined OnlyFans shortly after giving birth to her first child. Brazillian influencer Danielle Favatto, 25, shocked her followers on social media by detailing her decision to join the @dult platform – but her content explains all. The daughter of Romario, aged 57 and current Senator for the city of Rio de Janeiro, Danielle already has 269,000 followers on Instagram.

She reportedly gave birth to a baby daughter named Maria Eduarda in January this year, and the father is midfielder Fabio Henrique, aged 25. Henrique currently plays for football club Atletico Catarinense based in the city of Sao Jose, Santa Catarina State, Brazil. But the stunning influencer revealed that her content will significantly stray away from the platform’s common norm.

Danielle said: “I created my profile on OnlyFans to share a little more about my experience of being a first-time mother. “I didn’t want to have a child, but I changed my mind out of nowhere. I had no idea how to deal with kids. “I was the type of person who would get upset if a child cried on an airplane. “As I’ve been learning daily, I thought it was a cool idea to create a profile on the platform to make videos about the subject.”

She revealed that she found out about her pregnancy nearly a month after she stopped taking the pill. The gorgeous 25-year-old woman added: “I stopped taking the contraceptive pill and less than a month later, I got pregnant. “Being a mother was more of my boyfriend’s dream than mine. “After using the contraceptive pill for eight years, I stopped to take a break and think about whether or not to have a child. “One month passed and I was already pregnant.

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