‘Waltons’ Richard Thomas’ Son Wears Dress & Swimsuit in Pics & Adores Mom While Being Dad’s Carbon Copy

Father of seven, Richard Thomas, aka John-Boy from “The Waltons,” never imagined he’d find love again after a divorce brought him to his knees.Yet his second marriage made him happy and gave him a son who is his carbon copy and knows how to wear dresses.Richard revealed the secrets to raising good children.Richard Thomas Sr. became a well-known celebrity when he starred as John-Boy Walton on “The Waltons.” The star later became a father to seven children where four of them were with his first wife, Alma Gonzales.He and Gonzales had one child, a son named Richard Thomas Jr., and triplets Gweneth, Pilar, and Barbara Thomas. The actor and his wife stayed together for 18 years before they failed to make their bond everlasting and went their separate ways.

In 2005, Richard Sr. confessed that he felt charmed, but “at some point, life brings you to your knees, and in my case, it was a painful divorce…” He revealed that divorcing Gonzales was not his idea, but even though he was reluctant to take the next step, he had to be dragged along.However, he kicked and screamed into a “happier life,” coming across Georgiana Bischoff in 1993, after his divorce was done. Not long after “The Waltons” alum met Bischoff, they became a couple, and less than a year after his divorce; he married for the second time.

The “Homecoming: A Christmas Story” actor and the art dealer tied the knot on November 20, 1994. The couple exchanged vows in front of almost 50 guests, including Richard Jr., who served as his father’s best man, while his triplets became bridesmaids.Bischoff, who was also once married, “never.” imaged she’d marry again, just like the actor; however, she felt when they found passion, “it was great.” In 2020, the couple was still happily married, and the star shared their secrets to a lasting bond.Richard Sr. revealed that he married the most straightforward and honest person, so he always knew where he stood. The couple also shared a lot of trust and had fun together, with him adding:”It wasn’t always easy, blending a family of six kids and then having our own son — that’s a big job. It causes tension and challenges, but we’ve been able to weather every storm and those complicated parts of life.”

The actor also said they were surviving the COVID-19 pandemic together. With his second wife, Richard Sr. welcomed three children, and his lastborn child, son Montana Thomas, was now grown up and looked like his father’s carbon copy.Who Is Richard’s Son? In February 2023, Montana uploaded a photo of himself sitting in a car, and his likeness to his father was undeniable. Although he had a social media presence, not much was known about him or his career, but judging from his Instagram posts, he seemed like a fashionable person.Unlike typical men, the actor’s son wore clothes that were considered women’s clothing. For instance, when the pandemic began in March 2020, he uploaded a picture of him standing outside next to a tree wearing a long blond wig, a blue hoodie, and what looked like a black skirt or dress with winter boots.

He seemed pretty in touch with his feminine side as, in June 2018, he took a mirror selfie of himself wearing a black swimsuit. That same month, he uploaded another mirror selfie where he was seen wearing red lipstick and a feminine top.In October 2016, he appeared wearing a cowboy hat and holding a matching purse with a Zebra stripe design. Richard Sr.’s son seemed to be wearing makeup as he stared at the camera with his nails manicured.The previous month he shared a photo where he was seen standing next to a door in feminine-looking wide pants and a top that showed off his stomach. He had a designer bag in one hand, while in the other, he had a trash bag and a white plastic.

It appeared that Montana was into men as he was photographed cradling a man while kissing him. On April 20, 2021, Richard Sr.’s son uploaded a photo of his mother sitting on the floor, opening gifts and wishing her a happy birthday.His [Richard Thomas Sr.] wife [Georgiana Bischoff ] prepared the table and made a spectacular traditional Southwestern Christmas feast.

In May 2017, he shared a picture of them posing at a restaurant showing their closeness, and declared his love to Bischoff. However, it didn’t appear that Montana had posted any social media images with his famous father, who once revealed he wanted his children to have their life paths.What Did Richard Say about Parenting His Children?
Speaking about what he’d learned about parenting his seven adult children, Richard Sr. advised, “Don’t try to make them be like you. Leave them alone. I don’t mean let them go out and play in traffic, but let them be free to grow into who they are.”

The star said his advice wasn’t new wisdom but something everyone tried doing, and it was easier said than done but essential. Richard Sr. revealed that his family celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with him cooking, but Bischoff prepared all the Christmas dinners.He said he and his wife were good together in the kitchen and big on having dinners with their many children at home. The star revealed that he found an “enormous amount of pleasure” in cooking, and when asked if they had any unique family traditions, he didn’t hold back.

Bischoff’s husband said they didn’t do anything “too crazy” as their focus was making their Christmas tree as beautiful as possible. His wife prepared the table and made a spectacular traditional Southwestern Christmas feast.Their children came through, but their grandchildren were in New York and would visit. Somehow Richard Sr. had found the perfect way to integrate his children into a blended family, and his wife didn’t seem to mind being a stepmother to four grown-ups.

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